Exit Polls Predict TDP-BJP-JSP Alliance Victory in Andhra Pradesh Elections

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Vijayawada: Exit polls released by various survey agencies and national media on June 1 indicate a significant lead for the TDP-BJP-Jana Sena Party (JSP) alliance over the ruling YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) in the 2024 Andhra Pradesh elections.

Most polls forecast a grim scenario for YSRCP, which previously secured 151 Assembly seats and 22 Lok Sabha (LS) constituencies in 2019. Peoples Pulse projects the NDA alliance to win 111-135 Assembly seats, with YSRCP at 45-60. Another poll suggests the NDA might capture 139 seats, leaving YSRCP with only 36. However, some agencies predict better outcomes for YSRCP, such as 158 seats.

KK Survey anticipates the main opposition (TDP, BJP, JSP) to clinch 161 out of 175 Assembly seats. Jana Galam predicts YSRCP will win 44 seats, with NDA allies gaining 104. News 18 forecasts the TDP-BJP-JSP alliance winning 19-22 LS seats, while Chanakya Today suggests NDA could secure 22 LS seats, with YSRCP at three.

These polls reflect a challenging election for YSRCP, highlighting a possible shift in Andhra Pradesh’s political dynamics.