Top 10 Ganapati Decoration Ideas At Home

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Ganesh Chaturthi is right around the corner and everyone is setting up for the arrival of Lord Ganesha in their homes. The country is filled with the spirit of festivity and ready for the celebrations. Ganesh Chaturthi gives way for new and innovative ideas to decorate the deity. Here are a few creative ideas for decoration for the upcoming festival.

1.Peacock Decoration: You can pick up a few fake peacock feathers from any fancy store and line them up on a wall behind your Ganesha statue. You can use a small cabinet up against the wall and drape the table with a colorful cloth to give a better effect.


2. Plastic Bottles: If you want to recycle and not spend money for your Ganesh decorations plastic bottles can give a brilliant effect with just a few fairy lights as the final touch.

3. Sky Theme Decoration:  A sky-themed decoration is a good idea for the artistic ones, just cut out a cardboard in cloud shapes and paint them a white with light blue tinge. Cut out stars and the moon and paint them with a glittering silver and arrange them on the table with Lord Ganesha.

4. Natural Decoration: You can keep it green and pretty by surrounding your statue with flowers and leaves. This gives you the freedom to decorate with different flowers every other day.


5. Music Themed Decoration: A few cut outs of music notes and a plain background cloth can make for an innovative decoration idea. Just put up a plain cloth behind your Ganesh statue and stick the music notes on it. If you are a musical person and have instruments around the house add them to the set up to make it wholesome.


6. Paper Decoration: A simple way to decorate your idol would be using newspaper. You can either use them like they are or paint them a color to make it look better. Roll the paper into rolls and line them up behind the statue and always fold the paper to make a fan and place it in front of the deity.



7. Cloth Decoration: For a no expense decoration idea, you can use dupattas and scarfs to decorate around your Ganesha. Fold the cloth into pleats and line them up on the wall behind the statue. You can twist the scarfs and stick them on the edge of the table in loops.


8. Lights and Diyas:  You can use fairy lights and diyas to give the decoration a live and pretty look. Line up fairy lights at the back of the Ganesh statue and fill the table with tiny diyas either oil ones or electric ones.

9. Pinwheel Decoration: Everyone loved pinwheels growing up and they can be used to make a beautiful decoration set up for Ganesh Chaturthi. Use the sticks of the pinwheel to stick it up to the wall behind you Ganesh statue. Fill the wall up covering the sticks of the pinwheel with other pinwheels. You can add fairy lights to the table to give a better look.


10. Colorful Rangoli Decoration:  Don’t restrict your decoration to just the table around the Ganesh statue. Add colorful Rangoli to the floor around the table. You can either buy Rangoli colors or use rice flour mixed with color.

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