Vijayawada police acting in favor of YSRCP: Bonda Uma

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Telugu Desam, Naidu, Chandrababu, AP Elections, Campaign

Vijayawada: TDP leader Bonda Uma raised serious allegations against the police, claiming continuous harassment during a media conference in Vijayawada. He accused the authorities of deploying around 100 policemen to surround his office, including two ACPs, four CIs, six SIs, and constables, under the directive of the Vijayawada CP. 

Uma condemned the police’s actions following a minor’s alleged involvement in a pebble attack on the CM, suggesting the framing of false cases.

Highlighting the plight of individuals like Vemula Satish’s parents, allegedly detained illegally, Uma criticized what he deemed as police collusion with criminals. He demanded a CBI inquiry into the Gulakarai attack and questioned the prolonged detention of Durga Rao without judicial appearance. 

Uma warned of repercussions for those involved in wrongful actions, asserting that justice would prevail. The accusations underscore tensions between political factions and law enforcement, prompting calls for transparency and accountability.