Union Minister Rajnath Singh Assures Positive Progress in India-China Talks

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Rajnath Singh

Ahmedabad: During an election campaign rally in Ahmedabad, Union Minister Rajnath Singh addressed the ongoing talks between India and China, expressing optimism about the peaceful resolution of bilateral issues.

Singh stated that the discussions with China are progressing smoothly and in a positive atmosphere, emphasizing India’s unwavering stance. He reassured the public that India will not compromise its sovereignty.

Responding to accusations by Congress leader Rahul Gandhi regarding India-China relations, Singh asserted India’s strengthened military position and emphasized the government’s commitment to maintaining cordial relations with neighboring countries.

Highlighting India’s defense sector growth, Singh noted a significant increase in exports of domestically manufactured defense products, from Rs. 600 crores in 2014 to over Rs. 21 thousand crores in 2023-24. He expressed confidence in further growth and reaffirmed the government’s dedication to involving the nation’s populace in defense production.

As talks continue between the two nations, Singh reiterated India’s firm stance and commitment to safeguarding its interests on the global stage.