Brahmani Nara Advocates Women’s Empowerment Through Stree Shakti Program in Tadepalli

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Tadepalli: In a bid to empower women and foster employment opportunities, Brahmani Nara, wife of Nara Lokesh, addressed the Stree Shakti program organized in Tadepalli, under the Mangalagiri constituency. Brahmani highlighted the distribution of 2610 sewing machines to women in the constituency as part of the initiative.

During her speech, Brahmani expressed her commitment to furthering such programs if Lokesh were elected as MLA. She urged voters to consider carefully before casting their votes, emphasizing the importance of electing leaders who prioritize the state’s development and rejuvenation.

The Stree Shakti program underscores the significance of women’s empowerment in the socio-economic landscape of Tadepalli. Brahmani’s advocacy for women’s empowerment resonates with ongoing efforts to enhance gender equality and create avenues for women’s economic participation.

As the election season progresses, initiatives like the Stree Shakti program garner attention for their potential impact on grassroots development and women’s empowerment in the region.