“Former Cricketer and Janasena Leader Ambati Rayudu Criticizes CM Jagan’s Rule as Monarchical”

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Tenali: Former cricketer and Janasena party leader Ambati Rayudu launched a scathing critique of Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy’s governance, alleging a lack of accessibility for MLAs and an autocratic regime reminiscent of monarchy. Rayudu’s comments came during a visit to Nandivelugu in Guntur district, where he expressed disillusionment with the ruling style.

Reflecting on his past visit to Vaikapa, Rayudu voiced disappointment at the apparent absence of a platform for public service. He credited his decision to join Janasena to the leadership of Pawan Kalyan, emphasizing the need for alliance candidates’ victory to drive the state’s progress and tackle youth unemployment.

Urging voters to make informed choices, Rayudu stressed the importance of utilizing every vote effectively. Prior to his remarks, he participated in temple rituals in the village, underscoring a spiritual dimension to his political engagement. Rayudu’s outspoken criticism adds to the ongoing political discourse in Andhra Pradesh, highlighting divergent perspectives within the state’s political landscape.