Farmers loan waiver on August 15: Revanth Reddy

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Medak: Chief Minister Revanth Reddy made significant announcements regarding farmers’ loans. Speaking at a meeting organized to nominate Neelam Madhu as the Medak Congress MP candidate, Reddy assured that farmer loans would be waived off by August 15.

Highlighting the government’s initiatives, Reddy emphasized the Indiramma housing scheme aimed at constructing 4.5 lakh houses with an investment of Rs. 22,500 crore. He stressed the importance of providing dignified living conditions to the underprivileged through homeownership.

Reddy took a swipe at national and state-level opponents, accusing them of attempting to thwart Congress’s welfare schemes. He criticized the BJP for unfulfilled promises and negligence towards farmers, contrasting it with Congress’s commitment to agricultural welfare.

Appealing to the people of Medak, Reddy urged vigilance against political adversaries, highlighting Congress’s historical contributions to the region’s industrial development. He rallied support for Neelam Madhu, portraying the MP candidate as a representative of the marginalized Mudiraj community.

The event saw the participation of prominent state ministers, including Damodara Rajanarsimha and Konda Surekha, along with several Congress leaders, underscoring the party’s unity and determination ahead of the upcoming elections.