KCR Slams BJP and Congress, Urges Support for BRS Party in Mahabubnagar

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Mahabubnagar: Former Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, participating in a bus yatra to Mahabubnagar, criticized the BJP and Congress for neglecting Telangana’s development and welfare. Addressing a roadshow, he highlighted the fierce competition among three parties in the Mahabubnagar Lok Sabha polls, with BJP and BRS as major contenders and Congress in third place.

KCR urged voters to reject BJP’s D.K Aruna, accusing her of failing to develop the Palamuru region during the BJP’s tenure under Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He lamented Modi’s alleged injustice towards Telangana, citing withheld funds, trouble in paddy procurement, and refusal of National Status to PRRLI.

Further, KCR accused the Modi government of favoring Andhra Pradesh over Telangana, exacerbating regional disparities. He cautioned against Congress, warning of potential communal tensions if they gain traction. Stressing BRS’s peaceful governance, KCR urged Muslim voters to support BRS to safeguard Telangana’s interests.