IPL: Understanding The Team’s Logos

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IPL: Understanding The Team's Logos

Since the Indian Premier League begins in just two days, let’s understand the logos of the IPL teams.

Kolkata Knight Riders: This franchise began with a fire blazing cricket helmet logo. The color theme was initially black and gold but now made purple and gold. However, now the logo is a helmet of a warrior on fire. Famously known as KKR owned by Shah Rukh Khan has won the IPL twice.  

Mumbai Indians: The team sports a religious logo with a ‘Sudarshan Chakra’ which is possessed by multiple Hindu gods. The chakra has a total of 11 spikes representing each member of the cricket team. The word ‘Indians’ in the logo is colored the national flag – orange, white and green. Mumbai Indians is the only team that has won the IPL title thrice.

Royal Challengers Bangalore: This teams logo was inspired by the owner’s alcohol brand. Just like the Royal Challenge liquor brand the cricket team’s logo has the lion with a red and yellow color theme. Bangalore has managed to come to the finals thrice but failed to grab the victory.

Rajasthan Royals: The logo for the Rajasthan Royals bares the soul of the state’s royalty. The logo has a majestic pillar with the letter R on both sides of it. Two lions standing on their hind legs playing trumpets are placed to the corners of the logo. RR was the first IPL team to win the league back in 2008.

SunRisers Hyderabad: The team’s name reflects the logo depicting a rising sun. The cricket team is owned by the Sun Group who named the team SunRisers Hyderabad. The logo also shows an Eagle flying interpreting the strength of the sky king.  

Chennai Super Kings: The franchise has kept its logo the same from the very first year of the IPL. The logo is a lion with a crown representing bravery, courage and kingship. CSR has been one of the best teams winning the IPL title twice.

Delhi Daredevils: The logo represents the power of its name, Delhi Daredevils. The color theme is red, yellow and blue representing the two companies that own the team. The Delhi Daredevils have not had the opportunity to hold the IPL title yet.  

Kings XI Punjab: The logo of the team is an emblem with two lions. The crest is red with the team’s name and two cricket balls on either sides of the logo. Kings XI Punjab managed to come to the finals but failed to get the IPL title.   


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