Jaipur’s Rambagh Palace Is World No. 1 Hotel In 2023 Traveler’s Choice Award

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Rambagh Palace, the 1835 constructed palace which is now a royal property in Jaipur, is world’s number 1 hotel in 2023 Traveler’s Choice Awards.

The Trip Advisor released a list of top 10 hotels of the world in the 2023 Traveler’s Choice Award list. Of all the ten properties, this beautiful jewel of Jaipur “Rambagh Palace” secured a number one position for its royal stay, iconic gardens, marbled corridors and airy verandas with that feels of royalty, spread in 47 acres, is one of the major reason that the hotel is people’s choice and has been given top reviews. 

The top 10 hotels list released by the Trip Advisor was based on 12 months’ reviews by travelers, across India and world.  Notably, in 2020 also, this iconic palace turned royal stay for travelers was listed as 15th in the best hotels of the world. Besides top hotels as per traveler’s choice, the iconic Rambagh Palace also ranked number one in the category of ‘Top Luxury Hotels for 2023’ in the world.

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