Celebrity Response to Salman Khan Verdict

“Salman is an excellent Human Being. Everyone is aware of the support he has given to many Stars in the Industry today. He also contributes a lot to many Social welfare activities, helps the needy. I am sad about the Judgement, but confident on Salman getting a bail as there are Hundreds of crores turnover, rotates around his films” – Senior Actor and Film Maker Raj Babbar.

“This is just a mere accident. Salman is an wonderful Human being and the accident was not intentional. I wish he gets the Bail soon” – Senior Actor and Politician Chiranjeevi.

Celebrity Response on Salman Khan Verdict

“I am sad. What more I can say? Our family have known Salman for years. I will pray for him to get the Bail soon” – Senior Actress Hema Malini.

Bollywood Super Star, Salman Khan has been taken into Police Custody, soon after Mumbai Sessions Court gave a Judgement of 5 years imprisonment and 25,000 Rupees penalty, after proving him to be guilty in an Hit and Run case, filed in 2002.

“You are the one who are responsible for the Death of Innocent, though it is unintentional. You are punishable for misleading the court through false witness, producing your driver in the court to be guilty”, said the Judge of Mumbai Sessions Court.

“Salman’s mental Health is not proper. He has a suicidal tendency. He can’t take much pressure. Punishing someone whose not normal is not correct. We have applied for a Bail in favour of Salman and the discussions will be held at 4pm today”, said the Lawyer of Salman.

“I will always be in touch with my fans. My assistant Heeral will manage my Twitter Account on behalf of me”, said Salman before moving into the custody at Aardhar Road.

There is definitely a high tension and enthusiasm in Bollywood on what would be the final verdict of the Court, in this case. Everyone (except the relatives of deceased and their lawyer) wants Salman to get a Bail.