Deepika Padukone breaks silence on “My Choice”

Deepika Padukone breaks silence on “My Choice”

Mumbai: Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone broke her silence on the most controversial short film “My Choice”, which created a storm with mixed reviews. Finally, Deepika Padukone expressed her opinion on the viral video, directed by filmmaker Homi Adajania.

In an interview, Deepika said, “I have never been someone who reacts on the spur of the moment. You have to let these things breathe. You have to let people react. It didn’t need my reaction at that point. I have never been someone to jump in and give my opinion.”

“I look at the video from a macro perspective and not a micro perspective. What is disappointing is an issue that is so relevant, and we choose to pick out certain lines from the larger point that the film was trying to make and blow it completely out of context,” added Deepika.

She told, “The negative reaction was disappointing at some level because we all know the intention. When Homi and the writers came up with the script, I read it and said there were a couple of lines I personally don’t identify with. But that’s his creative piece, I can’t mess with it. But yes, as an individual there is more than one line that I as an individual do not endorse. I do not stand for.”