Lion Review: Bala Krishna Roars Once Again

Lion Review: The much anticipated movie from Nandamuri Balakrishna hit the screens today. After massive hit like Legend, Balayya is back again with a bang. The movie has started well so far in all the centers and is getting good opinions all around the states.

Lion Review
Bala Krishna in Lion

Debutant director Satyadeva’s Lion turned out to be yet another powerful mass entertainer into which Balayya poured his entire heart and soul. He carried the film with good intensity from the get go till the end.

The screenplay was decently written, the movie opening managed to grab the attention of the audience from the first frame itself.Bala krishna once again manged to showcase two different variations in his character.

Lion Review
Balayya During an action Sequence

The first half was used for the suspense buildup in the storyline, where as the second half was typical Balayya’s mass entertainer. However, the later part of the movie becomes predictable, once the main twist was revealed.

The film has the usual dosage of action and fare share of car chases. However the chemistry between Trisha and Balayya was a bit embarrassing, which Radhka Apte was confined to songs. Most of the characters including Jayasudha were left unguided.

Lion Review
Balayya flirting with Trisha

Mani Sharma was not at his best with the songs, but provided decent Back Ground score for the flick. Overall, the movie managed to impress the audience for their tickets’ worth.

Mango Rating: 3/5 (Three stars out Of Five)