Priyanka Chopra: From Miss World To Miss Marvel

Mumbai: Global icon Priyanka Chopra revealed the audio clip of Miss Marvel on her official Twitter handle. The former beauty queen lent her voice to the character of Miss Marvel in the new mobile game “Marvel Avengers Academy”.

The Bollywood star managed to earn a place as a superhero in the video game of Avengers with her skills. The game is available for downloads and portrays a Marvel Universe where Earth’s mightiest heroes and villains are enrolled at the ultimate superhero school, Avengers Academy.

priyanka Chopra

The game also features voices of Alexandra Daddario as Wasp, Colton Haynes as Thor, Kiernan Shipka as Spider-Woman, Bella Thorne as Tigra, Alison Brie as Black Widow, John Cena as Hulk, Dave Franco as Tony Stark and rapper A$AP Rocky as Falcon.



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