25 Killed in Nigeria Bomb blast

Abuja: More than 25 people were killed over 30 injured by twin blast in Nigeria Northeastern state of Gombe at a market on Thursday. The death ratio is still under the count as the few people are fighting against death.
Twenty- five dead bodies were found at the place of the blast by field officers of the rescue agency, according to an official of the Nigerian National Emergency Management Agency. The injured were rushed to the hospital for the treatment.

25 Died in Nigeria Bomb Blast
25 Died in Nigeria Bomb Blast

The blast was caused by improvised explosive devices.  People shopping for Friday`s Ramadan festival at the local overcrowded market were more involved in the attack, Xinhua quoted him as saying.
The blast took place at 6 p.m., local people blamed Boko Haram for the attack. The group usually claims responsibility for such attacks in the West African country.