Cruel Punishment for Two Boys who Stole Sweets

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On Saturday, a shopkeeper and his sons took matters into their own hands and decided to brutally harass two minor children for stealing a packet of sweets from their shop. The incident occurred in Ulhasnagar near Mumbai, two children aged 8 and 9 were stripped and paraded in the village.

The cruel act on the children happened with a crowd watching but not a single one raising an objection. The boy’s heads were partially shaved and made to wear a garland of slippers. One of the accused recorded their act on his phone while another slapped the two boys repeatedly.

The cops were brought into the picture after the mother of one of the boys placed a complaint. The Hill Line police took immediate action and arrested Mehmood Pathan (62) and his two sons, Irfan (26,) and Salim (22.) A case has been filed against the three under the Indian Penal Code Section (355) for assault, (323) for injury and (500) for defamation. The trio have also been booked under the POCSO Act.

The three of them were presented in front of the court on Sunday at Kalyan. They were remanded to a day in police custody, that is until Monday.

The boys were playing near their house in Ulhasnagar in Prem Nagar area. They snuck into the neighborhood sweet shop that belonged to Mehmood and stole a ‘chaklis’ packet, a pretzel type of snack.

Mehmood noticed the two boys stealing the packet of sweets and called his sons to teach them a lesson. A lesson that was taken a little too far when Irfan and Salim shaved their heads, stripped them, and humiliated them in front of the entire neighborhood.

The recording that Salim took on his phone while Irfan continuously slapped the boys went viral on the internet.