45 ISIS militants die after eating Ramzan meal

Mosul: Atleast ISIS 45 militants were allegedly killed after eating Ramzan meal laced with poison during ‘Iftar’ in the Iraq city of Mosul on Tuesday. Nearly 145 people sat down at the ‘Iftar’ feast but only 100 survived, according to reports. The people who were poisoned were immediately sent to the hsopital in a critical condition.

ISIS militants
ISIS militants enjoying Ramzan meal

The incident occurred in Wadi Hajar district and it is not yet known whether they were deliberately poisoned or died of food poisoning from the feast.

Lavish meal of Ramzan meal, that killed 45 ISIS militants

The photographs of the meal are doing rounds on Twitter. The images show militants enjoying the Ramzan meal. The table was seen with rifles and all kinds of food. This is not the first incident in which militants of ISIS died due to poisoning. Earlier, there were reports that the ISIS militants were allegedly killed due to poisoning by the soldiers from the Free Syrian Army Rebel Group after entering into their camps.