Queen Elizabeth II Passes Away At 96, England Citizens Weep Demise Of Her Queen

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Queen Elizabeth II, who ruled Britain from the age of steam to the era of the smartphone, 1953-2022, passed away on the night of the 8th of September, Thursday.

Queen Elizabeth II, 96 years old, was not doing well and was being treated under medical supervision, informed Buckingham Palace on the evening of the 8th of September.  Upon hearing the demise of their queen, citizens of the United Kingdom shed tears and wept.

According to sources, the Queen, who ruled Britain longest, for over 70 years, died peacefully at her estate in Balmoral, Scotland.

Ascending the throne in 1952, Queen Elizabeth II led the UK through a time of political upheaval. Elizabeth became the UK’s longest serving monarch in 2015, when she surpassed the record of Queen Victoria, who had ruled from 1837 to 1901. 

With the demise of Queen Elizabeth II, her eldest son, Mr. Charles would succeed her on the throne as King Charles III.

King Charles III said, “We mourn profoundly the passing of a cherished sovereign and a much-loved mother.  I know her loss will be deeply felt throughout the country.”

Meanwhile, King  Charles III and his wife, Camilla, now Queen Consort, would return to London on Friday, Buckingham Palace said.  King Charles III is expected to address the nation on Friday, the 9th of September.

In addition, the newly appointed Prime Minister of Britain Ms. Liz Truss said, “The monarch was the rock on which modern Britain was built, who had provided us with the stability and strength that we needed.”  Speaking about the new King, Ms. Liz Truss said, “We offer him our loyalty and devotion, just as his mother devoted so much, to so many, for so long.”

Meanwhile, speaking of the funeral arrangements of Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen’s coffin will be transported via the royal train to St Pancras railway station in London, and later brought back to Buckingham Palace for her last rites, which will go on for a total of ten days.

Her official funeral will be held in Westminster, with two minutes of silence.

Queen Elizabeth II will be buried at the King George VI Memorial Chapel in Windsor, and the whole of London will observe a national holiday once the Queen is handed over to the Royal Family.

All stock, banks and all important institutions will be closed as well.

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