Side effects of Beauty care: Facial Scrub resulted in Facial Burn!!

Guntur: Beauty awareness in the Indian female population is increasing at a rapid rate these days. Cashing in on the factor many number of Beauty care Parlors are being installed all over the nation.

In fact latest stats inform that there is beauty parlor for every street in Major cities of India. But the problem is that most of them are not certified beauticians. Most of them doesn’t have correct idea over the ingredients they use. This is resulting in occasional facial gone wrong, but the issues were being kept under wraps as the victims are not forthcoming.

Side effects of Beauty care: Facial Scrub went Wrong!!
Facial Scrub went Wrong for M. Kanyakumari

Recently a housewife from Guntur became victim of one such parlor. According to the reports, she suffered from serious reactions after using a facial scrub at a local beauty parlor.

Going into the details, Ms M. Kanyakumari had visited Sandhya’s Ladies Beauty Parlor for makeup following which she experienced burning sensation and her face turned dark.

Shocked by the change, she went to GGH Guntur where doctors informed her that she had suffered a chemical reaction due to the facial scrub and prescribed treatment for two months and asked her not to expose herself to the sun.

Ms Kanyakumari’s family is now planning to sue the beauty parlor. Meanwhile, the owner of the parlor, Ms M. Sandhya, has now removed the parlor board from in front of her house and was unavailable for comment. Her husband, Mr M. Venkatarao, said that the beauty parlor was being run from their residence and it did not have a license. He said that his wife had applied “marigold skin soothing scrub and facial cream” on Ms Kanyakumari’s face and had then applied steam to remove the dead skin.

Dermatologist at GGH, S. Nageswaramma, who diagnosed the victim, suspected that the beautician might have applied glycolic or other acids in order to peel off the dead skin, a procedure that is supposed to be done only by dermatologists or specialized experts. She added that the victim was recovering and she would be normal within weeks.