YouTube Intoduces 360-Degree Video Viewing Experience


Ever since YouTube has launched, it has always strived hard to ensure that it offers a great user experience by adding in features like never before. YouTube is now the second biggest search engine, after its parent company Google.

Now, to further enhance the watching experience on the video sharing website, YouTube has introduce a 360-degree view for the video advertisement that lets you interact with the audience in a completely unique way.

The feature can be experienced on Chrome browser or YouTube Android and iOS app, where viewers will have a different and a very unique experience of exploring the video in every angle by just dragging the mouse or moving their phone to shift the degrees in all the four directions, making it a mobile-first video ad product.

It is also coming up with a concept to suit VR Box, where in users can watch the different dimensions of the video either by walking or moving around.

Watch some videos on YouTube with 360-degree viewing interface:


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