Biren Singh Almost Decided To Resign But Changed Mind

Mr. Biren Singh, the Chief Minister of Manipur, met with the Governor of the State, amid ongoing violence.  

According to sources, the scheduled meeting with Ms. Anusuiya Uikey, the Governor of Manipur was in the view of expected resignation of Mr. Biren Singh.  However, the recently circulated torn image of resignation letter clears that the Manipur CM was almost ready to resign from his post, but decided to drop the idea after seeing a massive support.  

While on his way, the Manipur CM witnessed a huge crowd outside his Imphal residence, supporting him.

Hundreds of women gathered near Mr Singh’s residence and formed a human chain, saying that they do not want him to resign.  A copy of his resignation letter was torn up when two ministers came out of his residence with it.

It is to be noted, since the past two months, Manipur is burning in violent protests and attacks, erupted between the two ethnic groups.  In the violence, hundreds of people died and many were injured.  While the rescue operations are underway, the Central and the State Government are leaving no stone unturned to control the situation and end the violence.



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