Congress Parliamentary Committee To Hold Crucial Meeting And Discuss UCC

The Indian National Congress (INC) Parliamentary Committee is scheduled to hold a crucial meeting on the 3rd of July.  The meeting likely to be held in Delhi, came days after the Government of India (GoI) announced to implementation the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) Law.

Getting into the details, ahead of this Parliamentary meeting, the Congress committee also met at the Janpath Marg today, the 1st of July.  The meeting which started at 11:00 A.M., is still underway with discussions over the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) introduced UCC, which would aim for one law for all religions, in India. Under the UCC, issues like the marriage act, child custody, divorce and others would have one law for all, irrespective of religion.

Furthermore, the Congress Committee would also outline the discussions to be held durting the July 3rd meeting, to be held in Delhi.

Meanwhile, the BJP led Central Government is likely to table the UCC law in the Parliament Session.

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