Delhi Woman Murdered With Iron Rod Over Marriage Proposal Refusal

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A man battered his cousin to death with an iron rod in Delhi allegedly because she had refused to marry him, and he was finding it difficult to get anyone else to agree either.

The man, who killed the 25-year-old in a park on Friday afternoon, had allegedly been planning the murder for three days and surrendered to the police hours after committing it.

“We received information that the body of a 25-year-old girl was found in a park near Aurobindo College in South Delhi’s Malviya Nagar. An iron rod was found near her body,” a Delhi Police official said.

Investigation revealed that the victim’s name was Nargis and she had been spotted in the park with a man named Irfan, who was her cousin. Police found that Nargis was attending a stenographer’s course in Malviya Nagar and had completed her studies from Kamala Nehru College earlier this year.

As the police were probing the case further, Irfan surrendered before them and was taken into custody. During his interrogation, Irfan, who is 28 and works as a food delivery agent, told the police that Nargis’ mother and his mother are sisters. He said he wanted to marry Nargis but her family had refused, partly because he did not have a proper job.

Nargis also refused to marry him and stopped speaking to him or answering his calls. Irfan told the police that he was disturbed and angry about this, and his anger was compounded by the fact that no one else was agreeing to marry him either.

Irfan said he planned the murder three days ago and went to the park today knowing that Nargis would cross it while returning from her stenography class. As she was passing by the park around noon, Irfan called her in and said he wanted to speak to her. When she refused, he pulled out an iron rod from his bag and attacked her with it, police said.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (South Delhi) Chandan Chowdhury said, “The boy was disturbed after his marriage proposal was rejected and the girl stopped talking to him or taking his calls. That is why he killed her,” says

The chairperson of the Delhi Commission for Women (DCW), Swati Maliwal, took note of today’s incident as well as the murder of a woman in Delhi’s Dabri area last night and asked how many deaths it would take for the centre to fix accountability of the Delhi Police.

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