Five ideas to make this Friendship day memorable

Five ideas to make this Friendship day memorable: Tomorrow is the big day, and the entire world is preparing itself to get washed away with the wave of love and friendship. So, what have you planned with your friends this year? I am sure your plans are grand, but here is suggestion for you: Don’t make the celebrations repetitive, try something creative in such a way that the memories of this eve will keep you excited till the end of the time. I know that most people are stumped at the idea of creative celebrations, but don’t worry were are here to help you along on your way.

Here are 5 ideas to make it large and adventurous:

1. Road Trip

Don’t keep a fixed destination. Just put up your helmets and drive where ever the road leads you. I know the plan looks too simple, but believe me the unplanned road trips are the best. The feeling of you and your friends going into the unknown with no aid except your friends’ company is the most wonderful.

 Road Trip
Road Trip

2. Goa is over-rated

A trip to Goa has become so common these days, the trip is now almost boooooring. It you are so keen on going for beach, here is the list of other beaches which are more beautiful than the Goa.

Beach it all the way
Beach it all the way

    a. Kovalam beach (Kerala)

    b. Radhanagar beach (Andaman & Nicobar Islands)

    c. Varakala beach (Kerala)

    d. Tarkari beach (Malvan)

    e. Mandarmani beach (Mumbai)

3. Just ‘Trekk’ it up your eve

Nothing replenishes your mind and soul than a trekk in the wild with our best buddies. Just you and your friends against the wild. The memories you bring back home are everlasting.

Just 'Trekk' it up your eve
Just ‘Trekk’ it up your eve

4. Give a bit of yourself into Philanthropy

Social service is not a bad way to spend your friendship day. Pick up an orphanage, spend you day and money there. The happiness you feel can’t be put in words.

Bring out the Philanthropist in You
Bring out the Philanthropist in You

5. Movie Marathon

Watching movie with friends is one thing, but watching a marathon with your besties is entirely a different thing.

a. Gather up at your favorite hang out (Adda)

b. Select the popular choice of movie series or Tv show

c. Open up a beer tray

d. Sit back and let yourself lost in the run.

e. Dirty jokes wouldn’t hurt either.

Do the marathon of a lifetime
Do the marathon of a lifetime

Note: Some of the task above require parental guidance if you are under 18. We do not encourage alcohol consumption either. Its just a writers representational point of view.