Freaky Weather Storm Kills 5, injures 50 in Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh: The state witnessed massive dust storms and thunder-showers which shivered several parts on Tuesday, it killed five persons and left over 50 injured.

The transport department like rail, road and air traffic has stopped as people were caught unaware by the sudden change of weather which turned the sky dark during the day.

Dust storm in Uttar Pradesh
Epic Dust Storms Continue As The Celestial Black Event Nears – Five People Killed After Dust Storm And Lightning Hit Uttar Pradesh, India. PICTURE : PTI

With the highest 35mm rainfall in Etawah followed by Rae Bareli at 12.8mm and 9.9mm at Lucknow. The winds raised up to 60km followed by rains lashed southwest, southeast and central parts of UP.

Traffic jams caused by uprooted trees on highways were also reported from many parts of the state.


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