India Becomes 3rd Worst Covid-19 Hit Nation, Total Reaches 6.97 Lakhs On July 6

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India Becomes 3rd Worst Covid-19 Hit Nation, Total Reaches 6.97 Lakhs On July 6

On the 6th of July, India Recorded 6.97 lakh cases after becoming the 3rd worst Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19 hit nation. 

After the United States of America and Brazil, India has the highest number of COVID-19 cases. 

Previously, Russia with approximately 6.80 lakhs cases, was the third worst hit Nation. 

However, India with 6,90 lakh cases, overtook Russia on the 5th of July. 

On the 6th of July, cases increased with a spike of 22,472 cases and stand at 6,97,284 cases till date. 

Meanwhile, the number of deaths recorded in  the last 24 hours are 471, taking the total death case to 19,700 cases. 

India is witnessing a massive spike in the Novel Coronavirus cases in the past month (June,) which is still continuing. 

In India, 50 % of cases are reported from Maharashtra (2,06,619,) followed by Tamil Nadu (1,11, 151) and Delhi (99, 444.) 

Other states with more than 20,000 cases of the Novel Coronavirus are:

Gujarat (36,123,) Uttar Pradesh (27,707,) Telangana (23,902,) Karnataka (23,474,) West Bengal (22, 126)  and Rajasthan (20,164.) 

While cases are increasing rapidly, India is all set to launch the vaccine for the infection. 

The vaccine, COVAXINE, is scheduled to be launched on the 15th of August, the Independence Day. 

The Indian Council Medical Research (ICMR) with Bharat Biotech Private Limited of Hyderabad is conducting the first phase of human trials of the vaccine. The first phase began from the 4th of July, after being approved by the ICMR.

If successful, India would be the first Nation to invent the vaccine for the deadly pandemic disease. 

The deadly virus infected as many as 11,562,873 people and killed 5,36,841 till the 6th of July. 

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