Leopard enters School, injures three in Karnataka

Bengaluru: A leopard entered a school on Thursday in Chikmagalur district of Karnataka. The big cat also pounced on three persons and injured them.The students and the staff of the school of Chikmagalur were shocked to see the animal in the premises of the school. The officials of the school immediately evacuated the building and also called the forest officials to capture it. At present, the leopard is locked inside a room.

Leopard enters School, injures three in Karnataka

A team of veterinarians with tranquilizers are arriving to the scene from Shivamogga. The forest officials have also arranged a cage at the door.

According to reports, the wild cat was seen at the Kadur club premises in the early hours and then it was spottted roaming at the TMS school premises. The leopard entered into the one of the rooms in the school. An official of the forest department was injured when he tried to close a window of the room.

A huge mob gathered outside the school to have a glance at the animal and the police are busy managing them. On the other hand, the operation is underway to trap the animal.