Man Kills a kid for dining in neighbors home

Man Kills a kid for dining in neighbors homeMan Kills a kid: In a horrible incident a six year old was beaten to death for having dinner at neighbors’ home. Unfortunately, the kid died soon after that due to severe injuries.

Going into the details, a truck driver named Rajendra has been in a living relationship with Meenakshi, the mother of two kids named Dharmendra(6) and Jithendra (12). They were currently living in MadhuraMeenakshi left her two kids with Rajendra while going for her home town.

According to the reports, alcoholic Rajendra left the kids without taking care of them, and starved them. The younger kid Dharmendra, unable to bear the hunger anymore went to neighbors for dinner. After learning of the incident, Rajendra beat the kid continuously for some time. The kid fell out of consciousness after severe beating later died that night. Rajendra fled the scene as soon as he realized what he had done. The police filed a complaint and are investigating into the case.