Mohammed Naved : Is the Terrorist Minor? Or Acting Clever ??

Mohammed Naved, a Pakistani terrorist who was arrested on Wednesday in Udhampur has made many conflicting statements about his age. Initially Naved said he is 20 years old, but later he confessed that he is a minor, 16 years old. What if he makes a statement before the court that he is a juvenile?

Pakistan Terrorist Caught Alive In J&K

“Merely because he says he’s 16 means nothing. Either it must be supported by school leaving certificate or birth certificate. The ossification test can be conducted as a last resort. If he is 16 and coming to kill people, he has no excuses”,  said the Former Delhi High Court Judge RS Sodhi.
“Everyone knows our law and they all want to take advantage of it. If the enemy is sending juveniles into the country in the hope that they’ll get lesser sentences, it is a misconception,” Justice Sodhi said.
Former director general of police, Goa, Amod Kant expressed his views over Naved’s claim. “I have seen his picture chances of him being a minor are slim to none. But if he makes a claim of juvenile it must be supported by documentary evidence,” he added.

According to the Juvenile Justice Act, 2000, if an accused claims that he is a juvenile, the matter has to be referred to the justice board for determination of his age. No court can try a juvenile as an adult even if the person has committed a murder or rape.

Will Naved be succeed in playing smart games with the Indian Security Forces or the new set of rules will be implemented on this conundrum crime.–1tzY