Naved Infantile Version Of Kasab

Mohammed Naved, the one who was caught in Udhampur looks like an infantile version of Kasab, who was pushed across the border with an AK-47 in hand and told, ‘Jao, Miyan, go and have fun by killing some Hindus.’ In his eagerness to hunt Hindus in the jungles, the poor boy (Naved) it is apparent, didn’t even bother to learn how to pull the trigger.

Terrorist Kasab and Naved

While Kasab was interrogated, he gave a clear insight into his mind by saying, “Come, kill and die after slaying others. This will ensure fame and make Allah proud.” But he showed very little knowledge of familiarity with Islamic texts or the meaning of Jihad.
But now, Naved seems to share similar notions of greatness. “It is fun to kill Hindus…Yeh to Allah ka kaam hai (when asked if he gets paid for it).” His plaintive cries for freedom after being caught by Udhampur villagers proves he was fooled into believing that he could just eat, shoot and leave.

A man from Pakistan admitted that the terrorist captured in India on Wednesday is his son. Pakistan denied regarding links to the terrorist and said he is not a Pakistani citizen. “Need cooperative approach, not blame game to combat terror. We expect Indian authorities to share necessary information about him with us to enable verification of his national status,” Pakistan said on Thursday.
From across the border, the man, Mohammad Yakub, told the source on phone that he is the ‘unfortunate father’ of the terrorist captured in Udhampur, who has told Indian investigators that his name is “Naved”