Vidhie Mukerjea: Indrani said Sheena married diamond merchant in US

Mumbai: The daughter of Indrani and Peter Mukherjea, Vidhie Mukherjea informed CBI that her mother told Sheena Bora married a diamond merchant in the US. When Sheena disappeared, Vidhie tried to contact her and then she received a mail from a new id in Sheena’s name. Vidhie said that the police informed them about the murder of Sheena and they told that a case has been registered against Indrani, Sanjeev Khanna and driver Shyam Rai.

Sheena Bora Murder case story

Vidhi also told CBI that when she called Sanjeev Khanna about the murder, he took it very casually and said ‘Ha Ha’ and then disconnected the call.

Vidhie informed CBI that Sheena started living with them in Mumbai from 2009 and she was introduced to them as Indrani’s sister. Then, she came to know about the relationship of Sheena and Rahul, who is son of Peter from his earlier marriage. She said her mother dislikes Rahul and Peter and Indrani used to argue a lot in this regard.

According to reports, it is heard that the murder of Sheena Bora was planned very carefully and Indrani tried her best to win Sheena’s heart and confidence with her words and gestures before the murder.

Sheena in an email to Indrani said, “You should have either not given birth to me or not left me with your parents. Why didn’t you take me with you? What and where have all of this left me now? All of this has left me really hurt and devastated once again. I am very happy with Rahul. Shouldn’t that be the most important thing for parents/loved ones? You did whatever gave you happiness in life. Even I deserve the same. Why are you upset because of it? I am your daughter. I have some of you in me. I will find my way through and be just fine.”

Indrani responded very carefully to the email and then changed her behaviour completely towards Sheena, according to reports.


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