Ammonia Gas Leak Incident: 15 Hospitalized  In Hyderabad

In Hyderabad,  15 people were rushed to hospital after an ammonia gas leak incident reported on the 29th of June, Friday.

On Friday, in the Fathenagar area, under the jurisdiction of the Sanath Nagar police station, two  ammonia gas cylinders leaked.  Getting into the details, the cylinders were lying unused for a considerable amount of time at the end of the Pipeline Road in Fathenagar, where the gas leaked.  A miscreant who had noticed these cylinders attempted to remove the heavy duty valves on the cylinders using a rod, but during the attempt the gas contained in the cylinders started to leak.

Following the incident, the miscreant fled the scene leaving the leaking gas cylinder, which soon spread around the area, causing a hazardous cloud of smoke.

Due to the poisonous gas, 10 laborers working in the nearby area suffered breathing problems and lung issues.  In addition, five locals of the region also suffered vomiting and other difficulties and were rushed to nearby BRR Hospital for treatment.

Meanwhile, the local police registered a case and launched an investigation.

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