Six Weeks Later Mumbai Man Arrested For Peeing On Senior Citizen In Flight

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In the flight peeing gate, the accused, a resident of Mumbai Mr. Shankar Mishra, has been arrested by the Delhi Police, on the night of the 6th of January, Friday.

The police confirmed the news and shared, Shankar Mishra, 34 years old, who urinated on an elderly woman while drunk on an Air India flight in November, was on run, and was arrested.  

According to sources, Shankar Mishra was hiding in Bengaluru and was brought back to the national capital.

On the 7th of January, Saturday, a Delhi court later sent him to judicial custody for 14 days, saying no police custody was required for further investigation.  The court said, “What’s the grounds for police custody?  Just because there’s public pressure, don’t do this.  Go by law.” 

It is to be noted since the matter came to light recently, Shankar Mishra was on run.  After the police First Information Report (FIR) and unable to trace Mishra, the Delhi Police issued a lookout notice or an airport alert was put out to trace him.

34-year-old Mishra had, at least in one place, used his credit/debit card too, which helped the police to trace Mishra and arrest him, said sources

Meanwhile, challenging the arrest, Shankar Mishra’s lawyer said the woman who filed a FIR against Mishra, took compensation of Rs. 15,000 after receiving an apology from Mishra.  However, a month after the incident, the daughter of the 70 year old woman, returned the money, saying they could not accept it and after which they wrote to the concerned authority and filed a police complaint against Mishra.

Furthermore, after the incident came into light, many woman organisations and netizens took a dig at the Air India crew and demanded strict action against Shankar Mishra, for peeing on an elderly woman, in a drunk state.

Notably, on the 26th of November, Shankar Mishra, who was a passenger in a New York to Delhi flight, boarded the flight drunk and in that state, peed on an elderly woman sitting on the aisle seat in the same flight.  They were seated in business class of the flight.

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