Telangana: Class 8 Student Of Shanti Niketan School Commits Suicide

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In the Hayathnagar region of Telangana, Akshaya Sashwat, a 13 year old, class 8 student of Shanti Niketan School, committed suicide.  The incident happened on the 26th of August, Friday and created panic and ruckus, with protests against the school administration.

According to sources, Akshaya Sashwat allegedly hung herself at her house, amid the humiliation she faced at her school by the teachers.  Notably, her teacher allegedly ordered her to get out of the class and stand outside.  

After the incident, Akshaya’s parents and relatives alleged that the teachers’ harassment made their daughter take this drastic step and end her life.  Furthermore, many students, families and relatives of the victim staged a protest at the school. 

In addition, the Students’ Union leaders also participated in the protest.  As the situation was turning tense, police took a few student leaders into custody and launched an investigation into the matter. 

Later, the victim’s family members withdrew their protest after school management and police promised them to do justice to the victim. 

Meanwhile, the police shifted Akshaya’s body to Osmania Hospital for post mortem on Friday, the 26th of August. 

In addition, Hayathnagar Circle Inspector Mr. Venkateswarlu said that they booked a case and an investigation into the matter is underway. 

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