Rakhi Sawant: I have spent lots of money on my cleavage

‘Heights of Stupidity” I always wondered what it would be like to see the phrase come true in real life. Now, I can finally relax after watching this video of Rakhi Sawant.

Anyway going into the details, Rakhi Sawant is back in the lime light (However short span it might be). I usually start my writings with description of my lead point. However this time I am a bit confused because I am bit lost for words after watching this video. I don’t know whether to describe my lead point as ‘Racy Rakhi’ or ‘Stupid Sawant’.

You may hate her, some may love her (Yes! Believe it or not, she even got a fan base) but you sure as hell can’t ignore Rakhi. She is reportedly known (Yep! reportedly) known for her item songs, but many of our generation know her as ‘Motor Mouth’.

Perhaps she is only the second most attention seeking in the nation (Obviously the first rank goes to Mr.KRK and his tweets). She recently made video for #FAME Bollywood during which made some ‘What the f**K?’ comments yet again. This time the recipient of her ‘Tongue Job is Sunny Leone (again), and two new members joined the community. The lucky two are Arnab Goswami and Virat Kohli.

The thing that sets Rakhi Sawant apart from her counterparts is that she not mind the tag of an ‘item girl’ she takes pride in the work she does. The lack of proper English pronunciation and Vocabulary doesn’t dampen her spirits at all. She is not so shy about her surgical ‘implants’ either.

Watch Rakhi Sawant go gaga over her own ‘C****ge’:

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