Narsinghi: IAS Probationer Greeted by Father at State Police Academy

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Narsinghi: All parents aspire for their children to achieve greater success and reach higher positions. This dream came true for Venkateshwarlu, a Deputy Director at the State Police Academy in Hyderabad, when his daughter, Umaharathi, a newly inducted IAS officer, arrived for training at his workplace. This heartwarming moment, reminiscent of a movie scene, unfolded on Saturday at the RVBRR State Police Academy.

As part of their training, seven probationary IAS officers visited the Academy. Venkateshwarlu playfully saluted and presented a bouquet to Umaharathi, much to the delight of her mother, who burst into laughter. This touching event occurred just one day before Father’s Day, adding a special significance to the occasion.

Academy Joint Director Muralidhar and Deputy Director Venkateshwarlu welcomed the training IAS officers, while Deputy Director C. Narmada explained the Academy’s programs. The heartwarming scene highlighted the pride and joy shared by a family when their professional paths intersect in such a meaningful way.