Tejaswi Madivada: I still hate Baahubali, but please understand my reasons

Baahubali might be getting huge opening collections, but those who commented on the flick are facing the wrath of the fans.

We, the so called modern day internet goers have a habit of commenting on the posts without knowing the context. This sort of  ‘Half- Knowledge’ tactics are resulting in ignition of controversy.

Upcoming Tollywood cutie Tejaswi Madivada became the latest victim of such tactics. Going into the details, Tejaswi issued an interview for ‘Telugu FilmNagar‘, a digital media outlet during which she said out loud that she hate Baahubali.

Reading just the title, the fans went ‘blind-comment’ mode without understanding the context. Now, the actress herself came back in front of the screen to clarify on the issue.

Watch the video here: