CAG report: Indian army can’t last 20 days in intense fighting

Indian ArmyCAG report : The Comptroller and Auditor general (CAG) on Friday released a report waring India’s defense sector of its weakest links. The report made it clear that Tejas light combat aircraft (LCA) Mark-I could prove to be the air force’s Achilles’ heel in the battle.

CAG also produced a second report on ammunition management pointed that the army faced a massive ammunition shortage with reserves that would barely last 20 days of intense fighting. The army needs to build up its war wastage reserves for 40 days of intense fighting.

“Stocking of ammunition even at ‘minimum acceptable risk level’ was not ensured, as availability of ammunition as on March 2013 was below this level in respect of 125 out of a total of 170 types of ammunition,” the report pointed out. Also, in 50% of the total types of ammunition, the holding was “critical” — insufficient for even 10 days of fighting.

The 63-page report on the LCA, Highlights

  • Rs 13,390 crore has been sanctioned so far for LCA project.
  • Rs 3578 cr worth ammunition is lying in segregated condition after being involved in accidents.
  • Rs 1618 cr worth ammunition was rejected by the army as defective .
  • Rs 814 cr worth was declared unserviceable due to poor quality.
  • Rs. 2109 cr worth ammunition is awaiting repairs.