Hyderabad Prepares for Monsoon Under CM Revanth Reddy’s Directives

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Hyderabad, June 15: Chief Minister Revanth Reddy has instructed officials to ensure Hyderabad remains resilient during the upcoming monsoon season. He conducted a comprehensive review at the command control center in Hyderabad, emphasizing proactive measures to handle potential emergencies effectively. Special focus was directed towards extending disaster management systems to cover the Outer Ring Road (ORR), with all CCTV cameras along the ORR to be integrated into the command control system promptly.

The CM urged the police to preemptively manage traffic disruptions caused by rains, deploying technology alongside active presence on the roads by traffic police. Plans to augment home guard appointments were discussed to bolster manpower. Revanth Reddy also proposed utilizing FM radio for disseminating real-time traffic updates.

Officials briefed the CM on identifying and addressing 141 flood-prone areas in Hyderabad, implementing preemptive measures including improved drainage and harvesting arrangements. Accompanied by Deputy Chief Minister Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka and several ministers, Revanth Reddy inspected the command control center to oversee preparedness measures.