Inclusive Income Index Released At The World Economic Forum

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Inclusive Income Index Released At The World Economic Forum

The Inclusive Income Index shows India at the 62nd rank among emerging economies. India is much below China and Pakistan ranking 26 and 47 respectively.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) released the yearly index before starting their annual meeting. It showed Norway as the world’s most inclusive advance economy like last year. Lithuania also topped the list of the emerging economies.

The WFE said the criteria for the Index is “living standards, environmental sustainability and protection of future generations from further indebtedness.”

Last year, India was ranked 60 among 79 developing countries. China stood in the 15th position and Pakistan at the 52nd. The Index for 2018 measures the progress of 103 economies on three individual pillars. The pillars are the growth and development, inclusion and inter generational equity.

This year’s Index classified the countries into five different categories. Based on the overall Inclusive Development Growth score the countries are ranked receding, slowly receding, stable, slowly advancing and advancing. Even though India scored low among the emerging countries it is still in the advancing category. Only 10 other emerging economies were categorized as advancing.

The World Economic Forum is a non profit foundation established in Geneva Switzerland in 1971. This organization focuses at improving the world with the help of public and private cooperation. It gives political and business leaders of society to come together to provide global agendas.