Former CM YS Jagan Boosts Personal Security with Private Force

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Amaravati: Former Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has bolstered his personal security by forming a private security team. On Monday, around 30 personnel from a private security agency arrived at Jagan’s camp office in Tadepalli, causing a stir as they gathered near the Bharat Mata statue intersection before being permitted entry.

During his tenure as the Leader of the Opposition, Jagan had previously employed a substantial private security detail during his padayatra. Despite no longer being the Chief Minister and his party not retaining the status of main opposition in the assembly, Jagan has opted to maintain his security at a similar level. This indicates a proactive approach to ensuring his safety as he transitions to his role as a former CM and an ordinary MLA.

Special Security Legislation

During his tenure as Chief Minister, Jagan introduced an Act to establish a Special Security Group (SSG), aimed at providing close security to himself and his family members both within the state and globally. This legislation marked a pioneering move, being the first of its kind in India, to create a dedicated security unit for a Chief Minister’s family.