10,000 Teachers to Be Promoted as School Assistants in Multi Zone-1

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Hyderabad: In a significant development, around 10,000 teachers across 19 districts in Multi Zone-1 (Warangal) of the state are set to be promoted to the position of school assistants. The official order is expected to be released imminently, with immediate implementation of the new assignments.

The promotions will include linguists, Physical Education Teachers (PETs), and Secondary Grade Teachers (SGTs) being elevated to subject experts. Specifically, over 5,800 linguists and PETs will benefit, marking the culmination of a 15-year aspiration for many.

In the 19 districts, approximately 4,900 linguists and 900 PETs will see advancements. Notably, Nizamabad will witness the promotion of 454 language scholars, while Khammam will see 107 PETs move up. These advancements will result in linguists becoming school assistant language teachers and PETs becoming school assistant physical directors, with a quarter of them receiving two increments.

Similar promotions are expected in the 14 districts of Multi Zone-2 (Hyderabad) within the next two to three days.