Legislative Session to Commence June 21 in Amaravati

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Vijayawada: Amaravati is gearing up for a significant legislative session set to commence on June 21, 2024. The two-day session promises to be eventful, with a series of crucial activities on the agenda.

The session will kick off with the oath-taking ceremony for the newly elected members. This ceremonial beginning will be followed by the election of the chairman and vice-chairman of the legislative assembly. The Telugu Desam Party (TDP) has strategically decided to nominate MLA Chintakayala Ayyannapatra for the chairman position, leveraging his seniority and extensive experience. However, the nominations for the deputy and chief positions remain uncertain at this stage.

In a significant development, senior member Butchaiah Chaudhary is expected to serve as the pro-tem speaker. Chaudhary’s extensive legislative experience and respected stature make him a fitting choice to oversee the initial proceedings and ensure a smooth transition.

The TDP’s nomination of Chintakayala Ayyannapatra reflects a strategic move to assert its influence in the legislative process. Ayyannapatra’s nomination is expected to be well-received given his seniority and the respect he commands among his peers. However, the suspense surrounding the deputy and chief positions adds an element of intrigue to the session.