Kerala: 7 cm Worm Removed from Woman’s Eye

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Doctors had an unusual and tricky operation at Ernakulam General Hospital in Kerala. The doctor’s successfully operated and removed a 7 cm long worm from a woman’s eye.

The woman came to the hospital with the complaint that her eye was itching. The doctors checked her eye and immediately decided to operate.

56 year old Lalitha was in quite a bit of pain and the doctor’s operation relieved her of the pain. The operation took 10 minutes and the doctor removed a 7 cm long worm from her eye.

The worm was recognised as Dirofilaria genus. The worm causes swelling of lymph nodes and vessels.

The physicians gave the woman a local anesthesia for the operation. The operation was videotaped and immediately uploaded on the internet.

Lalitha’s eye recovered the very next day but the doctors prescribed medication so that the worm doesn’t spread to other parts of her body.

The worm from the Dirofilaria genus causes an infection called Dirofilariasis and can be easily transmitted by mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and lice.

Worldwide only 900 cases have been recorded of people being affected by the worm from when it was documented in 1885. The most cases have been registered in Eastern Europe, Sri Lanka, France, Greece, Spain and Italy.


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