Pawan Kalyan : Harish Rao should keep his tongue in check

“I am new to politics, but I am worried for the society’s well being. I wait for the correct situation to talk. Leaders of both Telugu speaking states have to put their differences aside and work for the combined, simultaneous development of their states,” Says Pawan Kalyan in his recent ‘meet the press’ event.

Throughout the press meet, Jana Sena’s supremo seem to be deeply impressed by the work of KCR as he apparently went into ‘all Praise mode’ for Telangana Chief Minister. He hailed TRS chief for appointing an Andhra architect for constructing Telangana’s ace devotional project Yadagirigutta.

Pawan Kalyan : Harish Rao should keep his tongue in check

However, he permitted himself with a suggestion for KCR and asked him to check his language in control. Later he went all guns blazing against Telangana irrigation Minister Harish Rao for his repeated usage of derogatory remarks against the people of Andhra Pradesh.

While talking about Andhra Pradesh and its controversies, he asked the legislative leaders to make some time for development of AP instead of continuously worrying about Hyderabad.

From yesterday’s press meet, it is quite evident that Power Star is slowly learning his way around the political game play. Experts opine that the way he managed to keep himself mum about Revanth Reddy’s cash for vote case is itself an example of Pawan Kalyan’s political embodiment.

“I would not like to comment anything regarding that because the case is still in court. None of the political party works perfect in the present scenario. The government has to give the best from what they have. The disputes of both the states have to be put to an end for the sustainable development. The present situation is an colossal failure of both the governments. And if this continues the hatred among both the states will lead towards the war one day,” said the bearded Pawan Kalyan.