Caution: Hackers Sending Spam Mails Offering Windows 10 Upgrade


Hackers today are now taking advantage of Microsoft’s Windows 10 upgrade by sending spam emails to many people to eventually hack their data.

Security specialists are cautioning around a flood of fake spam messages with malicious connections, marked, as though they’re legitimate copies of the new program.

The connections contain a “ransomware” program that, when opened, locks all the information on a PC and demands for payment to unlock them.

Specialists at Cisco Frameworks say the messages are intended to resemble an official overhaul notice from Microsoft Corp., yet a few words have arbitrary, strange letters and punctuation.

Another important note: Microsoft says its upgrade can be seen with a notification on their PC screens and not by means of email – when an immediate Web download is accessible. Specialists caution against clicking any link or tapping on documents that come from unauthorized sources.