Google’s Cloud Platform Nearline To Offer 100PB Free Storage

google nearline cloud

Google has now become a solution for everything, from solving our queries to keeping our data safe. Now, in a bid to further secure our data on cloud storage, Google is coming up with its own cloud storage network named Nearline, and is now available to the public.

Nearline from Google is a low cost cloud storage network that provides premium archiving and backing up of data. Nearline is basically designed to cater those data heavy companies that require data to be readily available.

google nearline

As an introductory offer, Google is offering a free storage of 100PB space for the first 6 months. Post which, users have to pay $0.01 per GB every month.

Nearline will be competing closely with Dropbox, OneDrive, Glacier among others. However, Google says that unlike its contemporaries, Nearline is built to handle huge amount of data simultaneously within seconds, while the latter consume time to do this.

Google is also offering its on-demand I/O feature, that lets users to increase I/O rate from typical read of 4MB per second, for free for the first three months.