NASA Uploads 4K Ultra HD Video Of Their Space Exploration


When it comes to innovation, NASA is the first name that comes to mind. Not just with huge amounts of innovation in space exploration, NASA also knows all the techniques to give a whole new experience to millions of people who are curious to watch all the experiments they carry out every day.

In a first of its kind, NASA is offering videos of their activities that include space explorations and other activities in complete 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) quality on YouTube, taking in the benefit of YouTube’s latest feature of streaming 60fps videos.

The YouTube channel that is named ReelNASA, posted the 4K UHD video, which gives a brief look of NASA’s activities.

The video’s description affirms that the new feature will allow users to view high resolution-high frame rate video that will give them an altogether different experience into the vast array of experiments taking place every day, along with providing few of the most breathtaking views of the Earth and space station activities.

Though the International Space Station aims to upload more such videos in 4K quality, there are many computers that still lack the compatibility of viewing 4K videos.

Check the 4K resolution video here: