This Was Nokia’s Smartwatch Which Microsoft Killed


Every leading phone maker today eyes to have its own smartwatch. From the likes of Apple, Samsung and Motorola. All these major companies have their own smartwatches. Just like every other phone maker, the former big player in the phone manufacturing sector, Nokia, also had plans of having its own smartwatch.

The development team at Nokia occupied themselves for creating the masterpiece smartwatch and apparently, the smartwatch was named ‘Moonraker’ that runs on Windows OS. Nokia teased the preview of its prototype during the Mobile World Congress and was planning to launch it along with Lumia 930. But after Microsoft acquired the Finnish firm, it scrapped the idea and eventually Nokia had to settle with just launching a prototype of its unreleased device.

The reason Microsoft cancelled the launch of Moonraker was because Microsoft was counting on its wearable band, which sported more features than Moonraker.


However, it is quite certain that Microsoft will not launch the smartwatch, as it is expected to launch the second version of its Band later this year during the global launch of Windows 10.