Pizza Hut Box Can Now Be Converted Into A Movie Projector

When you’re at home, one thing that pops up to your mind is watching a movie and that thought is always accompanied by eating Pizza’s and soft drinks. What if the pizza company delivers both, right at your doorstep? Confused? Well, here’s the answer, Pizza Hut in Hong Kong is delivering pizzas and other food in a well-designed box which can be turned into a movie projector.

pizza hut projector box

The box rightly called as ‘Blockbuster Box’ has a perforated, pop-out hole on one of its side, and also has a uniquely shaped pizza table that can be considered as a pizza projector.

To enjoy a cinematic experience, all that you have to do is just flip out the hole and insert the lens to turn the box into a projector. Once you’ve done this, scan the QR code printed on the box and download the movie on your smartphone and that’s it. You’re now ready to witness a big size movie coming from a pizza box.

pizza hut box

You can now project the movie on any wall irrespective of its dimension, and enjoy the cinematic experience along with delicious pizzas. Though you cannot compare the quality with that of the real-time projectors, it does provide a great experience from a simple yet greatly designed box.